Ravn Tech, Inc.

Ravn Tech, Inc.

Launching Ravn Tech

Ravn Tech, Inc. is a startup that strives to propel humanity forward by transforming technological progress into tangible solutions solving real problems. We understand ourselves as a diverse interdisciplinary team working together on our shared vision. We want to create something lasting: an idea and people accelerator (melting pot) that brings the right people with the right ideas together, turning their potential into reality with a positive impact.


We value free and open communication.

We value our planet and all of its inhabitants.

We value Free Open Source Software, Open Science and Open Information.

We value responsible usage of finite resources.

We value your online and offline privacy and freedom.

We see value in multi-planetary expansion efforts.


The company's foremost goal is to provide an inviting playground for people to collaborate on ideas turning them together into reality.

Open mindedness, creativity and communication drive us every day. We embrace radical first principle thinking approaches to create processes that arrive at non-obvious but highly efficient solutions.

Promote diversity / an exchange of ideas and people between projects by working transparently (where security allows it) benefiting the whole project group / flock.

Curiosity manifested through the scientific method leads to practical applications research.

Think big but stay rooted to reality. Where possible collect problem domain relevant data and analyze trends to make data driven decisions.

"It is a well known fact that those people who most want to rule people are those least suited to do it... Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy



Core team members steer Ravn Tech together. They decide per equal vote on all important business decisions (e.g. new projects). The core holds a share of 4.269% of each project's profits. For the first 2 years Sean (the founder) will likely handle this role alone until solid project members have joined that can join the core.

The core uses 90% of the 4.269% accumulated project profits for new projects and other global group costs. The rest is distributed equally between the core members as compensation for invested time.

Core recruits members from project members. At least 66% of core members need to approve for a project member to become a core member.

Scaling behavior:

Once too many projects are inflowing for all core members to evaluate and vote thoroughly on, a random subsample of fixed size is sampled from all core members to make an evaluation of the project (shared online with all core members) and if no veto in a fixed time frame after evaluation sharing reaches them, they make an autonomous decision on the projects faith.


A project is just another team (combination) of people working together to solve problems (generating revenue).

A project should not rely on rigid / superficial / artificial hierarchical leadership instead an open exchange of ideas and critical analysis rooted in the scientific method (statistics) should be favored.

Each project comes nonetheless with a project lead team (starting with at least one person) that holds the initial project vision, recruits new project members and takes up other organizational project needs.

A project member is solving problems that help turning the project vision into a (profitable) reality. The member receives in exchange for their work (impact on project's profit) a direct share of the (monthly?) project's profit.

The project's profit share distribution is a critical component. It can be, if executed correctly, a strong positive feedback loop for members to put in smart impactful work if it gets translated directly into a fair share of their created projects profits.

Projects are encouraged to donate around 4.2% of their profits to key FOSS they build on (Increase funding for small/underfunded projects).

But how to distribute the project profit among the projects team members? That is a hard question to answer. A formula for the distribution would involve many parameters such as idea/innovation development, efficiency of executed work, impact of work, absolute or temporal shares etc.

The project lead team should distribute shares initially as fair as possible. As the project staff team grows, transitioning into a more scalable approach (as follows) is advised.

Ideal project share distribution: A random group (of at least three) with more than half? of them being part of the project or having relevant background to the work done (e.g. work: marketing -> expertise:psychology or programming -> computer science) should be sampled from the whole Raven Tech flock to decide upon the share each respective member deserves for their work done within that project. This system should scale fine in the growing group if all work is transparently available. It also prevents out of touchness (ivory tower) decisions and corruption by sampling random subgroups from an ideally large pool of members. The share distribution is a complex problem which needs a continuous solution search process.


Realize ideas without hassle. Handling of all the share management between members happens digitally persisted on a blockchain data structure that represents the projects state of share distributions. If possible try to digitize the share attribution process by integrating the impact of a problem, the percentage of each member on solving the problem and possible democratic votes on the impact number of a problem. Utilize decentralized voting technology to involve the whole flock on more decisions. Create an internal index of persons and skills and interests, to foster rapid reorganization and interconnection within the flock.

Project Roadmap

A rough sketch of what is around the corner.

Initial Projects

First batch of projects currently in active development. Expected to be profitable in less than 6 months.


Logarithmic data visualization using AI. (Markets: Online Shopping, Data Visualization)


Exponential digital trend discovery for news and social media using AI. (Markets: Trend Discovery, Marketing Profiling)


Knowledge management made for humans using tags and AI. (Markets: Knowledge Management)

Long Term Projects

Long term projects that need bigger initial funding capital to be viable for execution.


Boost companies working on stuff aligned with our values using AI analysis and trading bots. Profit.


Yeet stuff into space fast and cheap using physics & engineering. Yeeeet.


Automatic video footage analysis to detect criminal behavior in real time 24/7.

Join the Flock

Join the Ravn Tech Flock as a supporter, advisor, investor or even as a project member.


Engage with us on social media. Use our products and give us honest feedback to support Ravn Tech.


Want to help Ravn Tech with your expertise without committing to any fixed schedule / time investment? Join as an advisor to help us out with your deep expertise to realize projects you want to see built.


Do you believe in Ravn Tech? Put your money where your mouth is and buy some shares to help us built the future faster.


Want to join the flock and start building? Cool beans, apply now and soon you might enjoy following benefits:

  • Learn from an awesome team of passionate individuals
  • Highly flexible schedule (only 5 hours per week required, remote first culture)
  • Create your own hierarchies or join existing ones
  • Minimal scheduled meetings (written communication first. chats & issues)
  • Monthly direct share of project's profits you have contributed to
  • Monthly base income of 420 EUR (will increase drastically in the future)
  • Start your own project (alone or with other members) and potentially earn big profits
  • Develop your own niche / project and work on whatever interests you / brings us forward
  • Get a cool cup and a shirt